high voltage lithium battery
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Lithium Battery Factory

● Home energy storage system
● Electric vehicle battery
● Industrial and commercial ESS
● AC & DC ev charger

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All in one systems

Smart WIFI Monitoring enable to see all the data of the system

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Wall Mounted Battery

● 6000+ cycles
● Wall mounted & Stand
● Grade A Battery Cells

48V 200ah lithium battery
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Professional Lithium Battery Manufacturer

Yuyang New Energy Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise set up in 2010 and focus on R&D, manufacture, and sales of LifePo4 rechargeable lithium energy storage batteries. With a sales & customer service center in Shenzhen, and production factory in Dongguan covering an area of over 30,000 sqm, we are committed to the development and application of renewable energy.

Popular Lithium Ion Battery Packs

EBA-2 All in one 5kwh battery with 5kw inverter
EBH-384 High Voltage Stackable Series
EBH-384-27 High Voltage Stackable Series
EBW-05 Wall mounted lithium battery
EBS-01-15 Stackable lithium battery
EBR-05 Rack mounted lithium battery
MB Wall EV Charger 7kw/11kw/22kw
EBH-409-100 High voltage cabinet
Air cooled 0.5c 200kw-215kwh storage system
Liquid-cooled 2MWh-battery container

Why choose ELFBULB Power


As a source factory, we directly procure from material suppliers, ensuring the quality and reliability of the raw materials. By controlling every step of the supply chain, we can provide rigorously selected high-quality batteries that guarantee optimal performance and reliability.

We strictly adhere to ISO quality management systems and employ advanced quality control processes and equipment. Every battery undergoes multiple quality checks during the production process to ensure compliance with international standards and meet customer requirements. We are committed to delivering excellent quality that earns the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

Different customers have different battery requirements. We provide OEM/ODM services that include customized exterior design, functionality customization, and size adjustments tailored to customer specifications. With our experienced team, we quickly understand and realize your ideas to provide you with customized battery solutions.

As a source factory, we collaborate directly with material suppliers, reducing costs associated with intermediaries. We not only optimize production processes for efficiency but also utilize advanced manufacturing technologies to lower production costs. By reducing costs, we can offer customers competitive prices without compromising on quality.

We focus on innovative design and continuously develop and launch new products with differentiated competitiveness. Our design team pays close attention to market trends and user needs, combines the latest technology and materials, and is committed to providing customers with attractive product solutions.

ELFBULB Power Factory Production

Customer Cases

High voltage cabinet in SA

Powerwall in SA

Powerwall in Germany

Powerwall in Nigeria

Powerwall in Philippines


Household Energy Storage System

Lithium RV Battery

Lithium Boat Battery

Lithium Battery For Golfcart

Lithium Battery For Tuktuk

Lithium Battery For Forklift

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